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Isaiah Washington Goes To Re-hab?

Isaiah Washington entered a rehab facility today for "psychological assesment". As you may remember it was said ( and I only say this because Isaiah never had a chance to say his side of the story) that he had gotten into a verbal argument with one of his castmembers from "Greys Anatomy". The cast member accusesd Isaiah of calling him "Fag" which in turn made the actor feel like he had to come out. Although there was no proof to this Isaiah was blasted on many tv shows and magazines saying he was homophobic and anti-gay, a petition was even started to get him fired from "Greys Anatomy" . A few weeks ago at the the "Golden Globes" Isaiah made it known AGAIN that he "did not call his castmember a Fag".. once again bringing up old wounds.

So with all this being said, why does HE have to go to rehab? Did KKKramer go to rehab when he spouted out the "N" word numerous times? Can someone say "double-standards" and to think racism still doesn't exist today.


That's some ish right there. *rolls eyes*

What exactly is Fag-Rehab...a place where you sit around a bunch of sweet hip dudes trying to coax you to get in touch with your "inner-bitch"??! C'mon, these are the same people who lock blacks and latins out of many TV and movie roles. He is playin' himself...WHIMP!

I am so sick of Isaih Washington. I was all for the brotha until he made that stupid remark at the Golden Globes.

As far as I'm concerned what he said is no different than calling Black folks the n-word. And as a Black man
in AmeriKKKa, he should be more sensitive to others.

I'm disgusted by him and will not watch Grey's Anatomy as long as he's in the cast.

Rehab....it has become a joke.

this is some bull***. i'm so sick of the word homophoebe. just because someone doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle doesn't mean they are scared of it. dumb.

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a girls site. It pretty much coversgirlsrelated stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

KKKramer didn't have to go to rehab because he hasn't been on a tv show in five years.

Isaiah Washington is currently involved in one of the hottest shows on right now, and there's too much money at risk just because one tipsy negro decided to run his mouth.

There, that's not so damned complicated, is it? lol

They try to make me go to rehab..
I-I said no, no ,no

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