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Quote of the Day..

"If anybody think I'm gay, come test me. I light you up. I probably smash your girl...twice! Her and her best friend."- Lil Wayne

Okayyy lil Wayne....whatever!!

is this his way in tryna prove his manhood? well its too late for that buddy

Thanks for the love!

About Wayne: That quote doesn't mean SHIT, wanna know why? Men can no longer prove their manhood by sexin' females because we've got niggaz ridin'the buddy better than you or I, while keeping a girl on the side so nothing looks suspucious. I do give him an A for effort.

Umm...just because you fuck a chick doesn't mean you're not gay. I mean...HELLO! You're gay when you feel a sexual and or romantic attraction to those of the same gender.

what the hell eva, switch hitter. The ones who protest the loudest have the most to hide......

He can't be gay, he dates Solange *grin*

Um...I'll pass Lil Wayne.

damn shame! kissing a man (i don't hate gays) and calling him daddy (like thats their sex roles or some shit) (hmmm, i wonder if baby was molested by his daddy). face it wayne, your either bi-sex or gay. instead of the haitian flag, maybe you should wear the rainbow colors.

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