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Olivia Dropped from G-Unit.. But Why?!

Rumors are swirling that Olivia was dropped from G-Unit, that much I can say it true, but the nature of why she was dropped stems from long-term allegations of being sexually harassed.
According to her non-official myspace page she was dropped as of 3/26/07 . The Singer reportedly was sexually harassed on numerous occasions by members of the G-unit roster as well as the boss himself Curtis '' 50 Cent '' Jackson , Her un-willingness to oblige to these sexual invites lead to her departure from the G-unit/ Interscope imprint. Olivia has been in talks with other labels and looking over new deals , so fans should not fret for she will get another chance at music. p.s. Behind Closed Doors ( Her Album recorded during her stint at G-unit) is going to be leaked very very soon !

Hmm, maybe these allegations will HELP her to sell her album, because Baby Jesus knows her career was going down the shitter fast.
Check out her her myspace, or her main website page it's bombarded with advertisments and links for Young Bucks new album.

LOL @ Baby Jesus!

BUT I do know that when she came to town, 50 personally escorted here (not as a performer, just came) and from I heard they were definitely a couple/booty partners/extra friendly...Maybe she played along to get ahead?! Hmmm...interesting I say!

i dont care because i dont like any of them inself for buck, yayo

Olivia is very talented, I'm sure she will get a record deal, and go on to be successfu. Remember Olivia no need to lay down with dogs, you can make it without them!

She's wack.. next.

If thats really true then why does she have her former boss on her new myspace??...

Olivia has two daddies huh,one that fucks her and the other her birth father...hmmm wow how lucky she is...

This is a lie, Olivia is still with the Unit.

wow Olivia was sleeping with fif himself along with another boss lets just say hes a "Violator" (get it.. .. hmm) according to an inside source Oliva got these dudes, u know, fif and others including the one i gave a clue on to buy her very expensive things.... Now she obviously was trying to fuck her way to the top but failed.. She is filig sexual harrasment charges due to the fact that she no longer wants to give up the P***Y (she no longer wanted to do that.. ha, yea ok..) but Niggaz was like fuck dat we wtill want ii, she was they stay around hoe..... another black girl lost...

No she not with G-Unit anymore thank GOD cause I was getting tire of her anyways......

If shes not with G-Unit whos paying for this allenged tour she and whoo-kid supose to be going on in May?

I wanna thank Olivia for doing what she did so they can get her out of there.........

I LOVE G-Unit & 50, but I really do hope that it's not true about sexual harassement. That is extremely unfair. Personally I would hope fif would not be that way, he was her boss and a woman shouldn't have to be treated like that just because she's in an all male crew. I wasn't her biggest fan but nobody should be sexually harassed. I think the boys should stick to the all male crew and do what they do best, Rap. I think fif took on too much with the whole R n B project & Olivia. I support G-Unit 100% and wish Olivia good luck.

YEAH, i'm sooooooo happy that she got dropped 'cause she don't even know what the word "SINGING" means, she ain't got any freaking talent

Olivia let that First Lady stuff go to her head and thats why she couldn't get album finish.And for harassment thing if that really did happen then why did she stay that long.And from what I've seen the way playing or interacting with them and on camera too no there was no sexual harassment going on she was just mad because she got dropped and she knows it....

Olivia let that First Lady stuff go to her head and thats why she couldn't get her album finish.And for that harassment thing if that really did happen then why did she stay that long?And from what I've seen the way she was playing or interacting with them and on camera too,no there sexual harassment thing going on she was just mad because she got dropped and she knows that right Olivia???...

did you know she is from around the way! olivia went to uniondale high school in uniondale n.y.!

Olivia went to bayside high school in bayside, queens. I was in chorus with her. Where did you get uniondale from?

Man...do not get me wrong. I love Olivia. I started listening to her b4 she was with G Unit...her first self entitled cd when she was rapping as well as singing. Dont get me wrong she is a beautiful woman, but what else do you expect when you pretty much dress half naked around a bunch of horny guys? I know one thing..none of the G Unit team is saving it until marriage..and they look like they have done some thing....LOL! But Im happy Olivia wuznt down with the CHOOO CHOOO cuz thats what would have happened! Smart move my African American sista! Keep up the good work and dont let anyone take it away from you!! They were mad cuz she wouldnt give up the doonk...typical...sheesh. Im looking forward to Olivia droppin a new album...shes got talent...and dangit, she should be usin it. KEEP PUSHIN OLIVIA!! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!

it aint like they was sexually assauting her!!!! lloyd banks and young buck can sexually harrass me any time!!!!! we can play strip song.....everyt time i sing a verse he strips...and vice versa!!!

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