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Monday Mega Post!!

Jenny from the block was spotted in Berlin this weekend, her outfit screams 3 different era's but I'm feeling every single one of them!

Naomi Campbell showed who was the boss as she left her last day of community service wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown...I hate to be the bearer of bad news and shit but that female rap group "Head B*tches In Charge" that Remy Ma, Shawnna and Jackie-O were supposed to form is a no-go. According to an interview Shawnna did with a radio station she is pulling out of the group

"I love Remy, I love Jacki, but I personally don't get down with girls in a closed environment, in a structured environment. Girls need too much catering, too much pampering. So, I would rather us [not] fall out. I want us to keep the beautiful relationship that we got."

Blah, I'm not phased
What's a MegaPost without BEYONCE! First off here is the latest ad for her "Dereon" clothing line, and yes that is the same outfit she wore on 106&Park

Secondly I'm sure EVERYONE has heard that Beyonce is re-releasing her album B-Day with extra songs and unreleased videos. Here are screenscaps from the video's on the album

Freakdum Dress
Kitty Kat
Suga Momma

Get Me Bodied (Next Single with Solange, Kelly and Michelle cameo's)

Kimora Lee Simmons presented her KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons) Fall 2007 Collection and obviously every broad brought their A game that night.

Ok, the whole "WestSiiiddddeeee" thing was sooo 10th grade.

Why won't Miss. Tyra ever blend her hair, I mean damn can we not get any baby hair up in this piece.
HATE HATE HATE the "kissy lip".. do you girls not know your mouth looks like a bootyhole.

Someones been getting those sit-ups right.
Ronde Barber and Tiki Barber were at Club Tao in Vegas last weekend, this is what wet dreams are made of!

Starlet Jones arms are the DEVIL, she celebrated her birthday and Shaq's birthday this weekend

The whole arm-pit area offends me.

Tony Yayo is just mad reckless son, according to Allhiphop.com Mr. Yayo himself went "Ike Turner" on a 14-year old boy.The alleged assault happened on Tuesday (Mar. 20), as Rosemond’s 14-year-old son left school on the way to an internship with his father’s Czar Entertainment, an entertainment-based record label/management firm. According to sources close to Czar, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo were leaving the offices of Violator Management and saw the boy walking down the street, wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt. They were apparently unaware that the teen was Rosemond’s son. According to sources, Yayo backhanded the teen then screamed profane words towards Czar Entertainment.

Yeah the story is sad and all but I'm jealous that a 8th GRADE bastard had an internship.
Quick Scoop
  • I've been slacking on the blog, in between working 2 jobs and doing my blog after I get off from my 2nd job (7am) and then GOING to class there will be some words misspelled, so please excuse any typo's or grammatical errors! Gracias

wow, this looks like a rerun of everything I saw this weekend on every other blog.

at least you have your priorities straight. School is much more important, especially since you don't know the difference between being a bearer and a barrier.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Damn Star! I know she's happy to have lost the weight and everything but those arms are just not quite right yet!! She needs to be patient and cover them up until she gets them corrected.

I love Tisha Campbell but I am so not in love with her midriff. Something just doesn't look right.

@ yeah whatever...u need a hug.

LOL @ bootyhole!

Keep focus, Juiicy. We can wait for you. Do your school thing, girl!

juiicy shake them haters off. This is the only blog I read so any news is new news to me. Keep up the good work and I know how stressing school can be.

ok juiccy!!! Welcome to my world!!!!!
DJing for a radiostation, keeping up witt the rumors for Illseed and flying to school gets crazy at times

Keep your head up

Donkey assed j-whore

Applehead Gina need to stop with showing her belly like that, there ARE better ways of showing the world that you have actually done a few situps.. but Ivana's shoes were ALL that!!

o my god star looks like a crack head. look at this bitch eyes.
all far apart and shit

Boy j-whores album must REALLY STINK if she has to resort to showing her ass everywhere she goes

OMG@The Barber twins. Yummy!

lmao at the 2nd pic of starr! only bc al is making the same horrendous face that i was when i saw dem winglets she calls arms.

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