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This Is How Stella Is Getting Her Groove Back

By suing her husband for $40 million.

"Terry McMillan is suing her ex-husband for $40 million, claiming that he ruined her reputation during their 2005 divorce. McMillan, 55, whose best-selling book How Stella Got Her Groove Back is about a May-December romance, divorced Jonathan Plummer, 32, after he disclosed that he was gay. The author – who famously confronted her ex on Oprah in 2005 – claimed their marriage was "based on deceit" and accused the native Jamaican of marrying her for money and U.S. citizenship. Besides Plummer, McMillan is also suing his lawyer, Dolores Sargent, for allegedly tarnishing her reputation, the Associated Press reports. "

According to my legality training from Judge Joe Brown she probably will get nada.

this chic should of known that clown was a fruit snack, the gusher type for that matter. look at the dudes grooming habits, that shit is a couple steps up from the metrosexual level. real talk though she should just be happy her dusty ass got some...

lol@ you getting your training from Judge Brown. But I'm with you, she will not get a dime.

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