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BET Spring *BLING*

Sooo BET's Spring Bling went down last week in Florida. *sigh* Although the even won't aire until April 5 I was able to cop a few pictures of the event just to let you know what you should expect during the show!

This picture confuses and offends me.
The camera adds 10 pounds

I'm sure she's watching her figure.. aside from the big ass plate of pizza and hog mogs she is very health conscious, choosing a diet pepsi.

Pop lock & drop it

Are they fucking serious??

Why am I not surprised at ANY of this. A Damn Shame

country-country and more country...

Hey they all havin fun and that's all that matters. why hate?

Since when did finger waves come back? I have nothing to say about the big bone sisters if Anthony H. like it, then I love it.

you are a mess for puttin' those folks out like that (hysterically lmao)!!!!
And why did Keisha Cole make folks think that it's okay to rock finger waves?!?

Is that momma in one of those pics!?!?!?!

shit is ridculous.....I see why they weren't in MIA. that is not sexy

Sorry sisters but all that that you think is sexy meaning FAT is only making poins throw out your whole body...

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