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Akon: I could have had Beyonce & Alicia Keyes

Akon went on record to say he could have had both Beyonce and Alicia Keyes..

"Oh, yeah, that happens all the time, man! Alicia Keyes, Beyoncé - I'm pretty lucky in that respect, but I guess it comes with the circles you find yourself in when you get success."

Akon, who claims he has three wives, insists Beyoncé's boyfriend Jay-Z shouldn't be jealous because their liaison happened so long ago.

He said: "Nah, he's got plenty of other things to be concentrating on! The man has his own basketball team. I doubt he's going to be worrying about stuff in the past like that! And he sells records too, you know. " FemaleFirst

Um.. Alicia Keys pee's standing up. Word

Seriously? Seriously? Is he for real? I'm no Hollywood couple-ologist or anything, but I just don't think Bey and A would try to get with Akon when they could have ANY man in the biz. That's all I'm sayin. And if he COULD'VE had them, who does he have now? LOL

PS: I found this blog via Sandra Rose.


Yeah right! Beyonce and Alicia wouldn't give him the time of day!Yuck......

Big C

Think about it ladies. If Akon wasn't the artist he is today would he even have those three wives. I love my darkskin brothers (Tyrese a.k.a black Ty) but this dude is straight ugly. Stop playing yourself and think before you give those interviews.

I am guessing this guy is trying to get himself a career? what a tacky low class jerk

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