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Tango Has Love for New York!

It's over, "I Love New York" wrapped up it's final episode last night with NY choosing Tango, or as Chance and Real liked to call him "Ninga Turtle Head Having Ass "N****", if you didn't catch it I'ma tell you that Tango ended up getting on his ashy knee and proposing marriage to the beautiful Miss.New York, bitch was soo shocked I coulda swore one of her fake eyelashes flew off. Anyways, I HEARD that TANGO is dating some chick in FLORIDA and has no intention of getting back with NY.
And another thing, will SOMEONE please get NY "Hooked on Phonics: Elementary Edition", she never uses words right and had the nerve to ask Tango:"did you just engaged me?" after he proposed to her.

Click here to read his "after the show interview"

I was floored by Tango. Hilarious on so many levels, but kinda not. NY soooo just said yes for the drama and the cameras, I think we all know she'll be single and free at that reunion show. Bet.

I dislike Tango in so many ways. I see right thru that nigga. I didn't like him from the moment he began snitching on everybody but prefacing it with a "you kno i ain't no snitch."

He just seems extremely weak to me. PUSSY!

after she's done with the hoopla and her breasts go to sleep from being overly exposed by their hyperactive owner, maybe then she can find someone to love her. when she sits down to watch this show she'll be thoroughly emabarrassed. that damn voice, drag queen lashes ugh a damn mess. there's hope for her though........
Tango good luck if you meant it, cuz she damn sure was disrespectful with ya mom wasn't she? can't have her extra ghetto ass over for din din eva neva

Tango is a horrible nasty guy and I would not be friends with someone like that hes ugly and dangerous and weak. New york was obviously playing up for the camera when dissing his mother, its a showm thats what its about, there was no need for that when he knew she was emotional attached to him, hes a horrible man.

In my view everybody must go through it.
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