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Meet Fergie Ferg

This is the chick singer from the group "Black Eye'd Peas" Fergie has lead quite an interesting life.
1. She's bedded ladies, that's right, Fergie WAS a self-acclaimed lesbian. I don't know you go from munching the carpet to sucking the hog but according to her it happened. Here are her exact words: "I have had my head in between a woman’s legs with my tongue in the out position."

2. She was a drug-dealer. But not just any drug-dealer, this chick dealt drugs on the mean streets of LA. What made her stop slinging those thangs was when she had a gun put to her head during a drug deal that went wrong.

3. To top everything off, this chick isn't afraid to pee on herself in public! How hood is that.

Ok so it wasn't that interested, I just mainly posted this for all the closet lesbians so you can start sending her friend requests on myspace.

i think thats a lie. why would she come out and say that shit.

I love Fergie...pee-pee and all!

Fergie irks me

but wouldn't pee drip all down her legs? Pee doesn't form a perfect circle like that. I'm not a peeologist or anything, but come on people...its clearly SWEAT.

Fergie is soooo amazin...she's like my idol regardless of the fact that she may be an incontinant lesbian...That really is luv...Right?

Luv ya Fergie

Ok ill be honest when I first layed eyes on Fergie I thought to myself... she reminds me of a cross dressed tranni. I've seen many random chix walking down the street that look better. That's why I judge her on her music and not her shagabillity. She's a creative artist but out of every celeb shed have to really work it to get me home with her. Not that shed want to but still its just an honest opinion. As for sweat u wana see yuck take a look at that American Idol chick! N ASTY!

fergie you are the best singer i luv ya

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