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Dreamgirls Do Ebony...

I love B, I really do, but I'm tired of the movie being centered around HER and only her.

i agree with you, why isnt jennifer hudson getting any spotlight or any other stars in the movie??

Beyonce playes the lead role, that's why she is getting the spotlight. Not too mention that she is the biggest name of the three women featured in the film. Jennifer will get her due.

Oh Lawd here comes the heavy duty Beyonce media campaign. I can't wait to see if this movie lives up to its hype. I mean it's all-star cast...it can't lose.

Yeah I'm with you girl, but it's Beyonce...so that's the way it 'B's' sometimes. ;)

Everytime I look at pictures of B with other girls I always think about Destinys Child. I guess shes just meant to stand out.

beyonce can't act for shit. all the films she's done in the past sucks. she doesn't know how to play out her roles well enough to convince. but hey, that's just my opinion.

I am so tired of Beyonce...period. Jennifer Hudson sang her head off. Bee cannot compare to this young woman. Yeah, Bee is ok and all, but Damn! Enough already.

Hello! ;)
oh... what unbalanced comments!
what do you consider about it?

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