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Eva Pigford's Premiere Party for her new BET-J series "My Model Looks Better Than Your Model

Eva and Aretha Franklin Erica Watson, Director of the show

For all you lucky whores who have the luxery of having BET-J, let me know how this show turns out. It premiered November 1st.

Get more info on the show here


Haaaaaaaaa! I'm mad you said "Aretha"

that producer needs an ambush make-over.

LOL u wrong for that one

How dare this woman tell anybody anything about modeling? Even Lane Bryant's "plus-size" models are usually about a size 12. I guess she and the models will have something in common: neither of them are at a healthy body weight. I wouldn't want to be around a bunch of models at MY size, let alone hers.

that dress eva has on is ugly. it looks like something minnie mouse would wear

Damn ya'll....do I really look like Aretha Franklin? My name is Erica Watson, and I am the DIRECTOR of the show.....not a producer......and I guess I really do need an ambush make-over.........but, thanks for the attention!!!!! Watch the show....it's great!!!! We all worked really hard to produce a quality show.......

Erica thanks for the correction, and you should also notify "Wireimage.com" of this also, as that's where I got my info from.

Howdy! Listen, I know Erica, and she is one hot woman. That pciture is not so hot...yes, she might be a big woman, but she carries it with beauty, grace, and style. She is sexy and funny and totally deserves the job that she has. As a former child model and actress who starved herself in order to keep her jobs coming in, I am thrilled to see someone working on a show like this who won't just reinforce all stereotypical views of what beauty is and where it comes from.

It seems to me, it don't matter how Erica looks. She is totally doing her thing, which is probably much more than any of the people with all the lame ass comments can say.

dang does erica have a fan club who comes and shits on people whenever they speak bad about her?

Um, yes, yes she does have a big fan club. Because she kicks ass and DOESN'T take numbers.
Nah, I don't blindly defend her. But I respect her. She is a beautiful woman. That is a crappy ass picture of her. And who actually can look good next to most models? I mean, if a normally "hot" woman stood next to a top model, well, they would look like SHIT. Also, if you have ever been in "the biz": it is alarming how many "less-than-perfect" people are out there reiterating perfection in the work they make. Frankly, if you feel offended by that: you should! And you are a part of that, because you are a consumer of what it is that they are selling, even if it is just "entertainment."

Okay, I seem a little defensive, I admit it--I am. I have seen too many talented incredible people shot down because they aren't as skinny as 85 pound Nicole Richey (not sure about the spelling and don't so much care).

Yet another ex-starvin' model...

Uh, PS, nobody shat on anyone. Shitting on someone is putting them down.

to all the no-life having haters who are hating on a woman because of her size. keep the hate coming, i guarantee it will only make erica stronger and more of a power house diva. while she is at red carpet events living her dreams, you all are on the internet wishing you had as much talent as erica. so hate on haters. hate on the next red carpet pictures, with other celebrities. and what will you be doing, nothing absolutely nothing.
erica's biggest fan.

I know this is way after the fact but Juicy Scoop should make sure she can spell correctly before she goes around commenting on who looks like Aretha Franklin. The word is "luxury" not "luxery". Please. Illiterate ass bitches.

Thanks anonymous, and it's Juiicy with 2 "i's" not one mmm k.

Interesting! I know Erica Watson from school and she was not a nice person!! In not so kind words, she was such a bitch, especially to anyone she thought that was prettier than her. She has a lot of insecurities because she is overweight. Basically, she hates on anyone not kissing her ass! To be more positive, she actually is very talented, so I am not suprised she is directing now. So in that regards, I am glad that she is doing big things. I do hope that she has changed her hateful ways and appreciates her own beauty.

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