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Fantasia is looking for another Baby Daddy

According to AOL Music News Blog Fantasia is ready for a new man. "Everybody needs love. Everybody's looking for love," she says, unprompted. "This is such a lonely life -- constantly going [home] to the hotel room. I'm ready to date." Interested parties should take note: Barrino says she's rarely asked out. "If they come up to me, the only thing they say is 'How you doing?' They call me Miss Fantasia," she sighs. "I'm like, 'Where are you going?' I'm only 22 years old!"

After seeing her lifetime movie who'd want to bang her. Her lips are too big, they'd probably suck in someone's face, but I hear negro's like that kinda ish, to each is own. On another note I can't wait for her new album word is that she's going for an Urban Rock feel.

Steve Harvey wants her.


Check it out. Fantasia sings on the clip.

lol u wrong for that one, but i cant wait for the cd to hit stores. so far the snappets i heard sounds good

Steve and Tommy was feeling those big lips tho,,,,get em Tasia


I was always told if you can't say something nice then don't say nothing @all. Everybody makes mistakes in life, especially when they are young. The girl has talent. She sounded sooo hoarse when she was talking on Steve Harvey's morning show this morning then from out of nowhere she just started singing. It blew me away. After all that she has been through she deserves a good man in her life. Give her a chance to prove herself. I believe she will be around for a long time. Go Fantasia.

Your sister.

"After seeing her lifetime movie who'd want to bang her. Her lips are too big, they'd probably suck in someone's face, but I hear negro's like that kinda ish, to each is own"

Now that comment of yours was uncalled for and NOT FUNNY,,i too heard Fantasia on the Steve Harvey show this morning and she got mad talent, its not about the looks, i wonder what you look like!!

LOL, the suck in the someone's face comment still has me going.

No one ever insults Black men for having dark skin, full lips or kinky hair.No, it is Black women who are made fun of for having these things.How sad is that? No wonder whitey hates us, we hate ourselves.

Yeah, she may not be your idea of pretty, but the girl is by far a major talent. Sorry she doesn't have the European looks of some other popular "artists", but she has what it takes to make it in this business...real raw talent. She can actually sing and doesn't have to pop it and drop it to maintain her audience/fans. Go Fantasia!!!!!

who'd want to bang her. Her lips are too big, they'd probably suck in someone's face, but I hear negro's like that kinda ish, to each is own.

I don't know if you are a woman of an ethnic background but to hear these words period being displayed by another woman is just a disgrace. The reason women will never get along is because of the jealousy and backbiting that they do to one another. I personally think Fantasia ia a beautiful woman inside and out. Her spirit along possesses her outer beauty.

The comment you made was just cruel and uncalled for. But, I suppose you have to feel so important that you tear another down. All that she has went through to get where she is now was not on her back but by the talent she was blessed with. She is not the only woman to have a child out of wedlock and won't be the last.

Take a look in the mirror and tell me what do you honestly see. You can't be too happy with yourself if you have to tear another down. Instead of rippin on her how about pulling for her. How about congratulating her for achieving her dreams and coming out of the situation that she was in.

She may not be the person you are into but at least don't be ignorant to appeal to those who are looking for the negative than the positive. Don't be the crab pulling your sister down instead extend your hand to pull her up.

Think before you speak! Continue to educate yourself. For knowledge is emphasis and powerful.

One Luv

fantasia is a beautiful black woman full lips, big booty and all.
Stunning!, Keep singing girl and I hope you find a man who deserves You!

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