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Fiddy Cent Disses Oprah.. Again..

A few months ago Fiddy went on a tirade caliming that Oprah catered to middle-class white women only, hence the reason she doesn't have rappers on her talkshow. Well he goes off again making it apparent that he still doesn't like her.

According to PageSix 50 cent accuses Oprah of being an Oreo – black outside, white inside – in an interview in the January issue of Elle saying that the Queen of All Media "started out with black women's views but has been catering to middle-aged white American women for so long that she's become one herself."

Oooohh Harpo gonna beat him.

That's a damn shame

What does he care? And what does it matter what her views are? Does he want to be on her show that bad? I mean what would she ask him? "How many times did you get shot again, we all just loooove that story Fitty!". Please.... get over yourself.

She has NO obligation to please him or anyone else. She is in business and is making a GOOD living doing what she does, how she does it.

Mindya biness, that's all! Just miiindya biness!

D*mn, anything to keep his name out there while he's on hiatus huh?

Who gives two quarters what fiddy has to say?

For the record...I hate that clown. He craves attention. He really needs to disappear.

It matters because she is recognized by most as the standard for who are black woman are...intelligent, creative, involved and loving. If she continues to discredit Hip-Hop on a world-wide stage she damages all the strides that we as a culture have gained. She has to be checked! 50 just isn't articulate enough to do it properly.

I'm sorry, how did Oprah ever discredit hip-hop? Do you hear Aerosmith or the Red Hot Chili Peppers whining b/c they didn't get an interview? Oooh the poor rock-n-roll industry will go under now b/c Oprah didn't bring them onto her show! (gag me!)

If Fiddy wants to be recognized, he should do something WORTH RECOGNIZING. And that goes for anyone else... you can't DEPEND ON OTHERS to shine your light, you have to DO IT YOURSELF sometimes.

If fiddy cent were to go on the Oprah show, she would probably ask him why he glorifies his violent past and why he does not strongly advise young black kids not to follow in his foot steps. She wouldn't treat him like a hero. She would probably ask him why he and his crooked buddies caused so more pain in his community. I am sure she would ask him what he is doing to rectify the damage that he and his crooked did to his community.

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