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Blind Item..

WHICH married record label boss is heavily promoting a certain sexy girl group despite its relative lack of talent because he's smitten with the lead singer..

Sounds like the pussycat dolls to me. I can't believe they're still making videos. Don't know who the exec could be though.

Danity Kane! Diddy likes the young women. And we all know Danity Kane has no talent! Sorry I don't like DK.

^^But Diddys not married. I think it's the girl from the pussycatdolls.

Tommy Motola and the Pussycat Doll?

Do we ever find out the TRUE answer???

How many sexy girl groups are there other than Danity Kane and the Pussy Cat Dolls?.... anyone?


I think it's Jimmy Iovine and Nicole Scherzinger (PCD lead singer).

wow...... i didnt know the cheetah girls were a "group"
Damn Disney Channel has ya'll seeing things...


Russell Simmons and the group Black Budafly?

Who is Black Budafly?!?!?

i think it's the pussycat dolls.. but i don't know the exec.

@Freezy.. you must not be around children or tweens. i have a younger sister and her christmas had to be cheetalicious. besides, the lead singer from 3lw was on her way to hoochie stardom until disney came and saved her. now she's sweet and reserved and waiting until she's a real adult.

Well Nicole does have some singing ability (but you know talent is nto needed anymore) the other girls I don't think some...fellow bloggers I think we have a wineer... The PussyCat Dolls it is...and the Black Buddafly do have talent.. Check them out of Myspace... One of the sisters left because she's withchild........

I have to agree with Deonza - it could be black budafly.

Who knows but Black Budafly might be a good guess.

The chap is completely right, and there's no skepticism.
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