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Did You Hear?

[Scott Storch with Kelly Rowland in Miami]

White record producer Scott Storch who is known for working with various black artists such as 50 cent, Beyonce, Kelis, Lil Kim and Diddy just to name a few,has taken his feud with Timbaland to another level when he put out a mixtape using the N-word.

Near the end of this particular track Storch says, "Don't apologize [Nigga], you can't even get your label to work right.

Now if you listen to the song it doesn't sound like Storch saying "Nigga". But I'm just biased because I love that caucasian man to death.

I with you... I don't LOVE Scott but if you listen closely it sounds like the 2nd dude who's rapping is the one who says the N word, not Scott. They are talking at the same time. Why would he wait til the end of the song to say it anyway when he plenty of times to use it throughout the song. Just my opinion. I don't think he's that dumb or that brave.

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