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Gossip MegaPost..

Before Trina was a rapper we all know she was a stripper. Here's footage (quite old might I add) of the Diamond Princess tooting that booty ...She looks dirty and after watching this you'll probably need some febreeze.

N S F W(Not Safe For Work, or kids, or animals)

The beautiful Zoe Saldana's "Roca-Wear" ad. I hear this ad is actually pretty old, and I believe it because I saw it reading a 4 month old issue of XXL while handling some business on lou. Now I see why she was always throwin up the ROC.

Danity Kane, minus one member were out in Vegas this weekend partying it up after a concert

Movie director George Lucas and his boo Mellody Hobson, who is the President of Ariel Capital Management and the Good Morning America financial correspondent, are indeed an item. Talk about power couple.

In other couple news Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou stepped out with Kimora Lee Simmons Thursday for a late dinner at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills. Later, the pair headed over to West Hollywood hot spot Winston's where Kimora was seen sitting between Djimon's legs jiggling his man balls.

Friday the NAACP Awards Show came on, and I actually caught it by chance, here are a few pictures from the show.

Vanessa Williams and her daughter (17) Jillian

On a serious note, my heart hurts for Britney Spears, according to a UK newspaper, while in re-hab Britney Jean tried to hang herself with a bed-sheet while screaming "I AM THE ANTI-CHRIST" and scrawling "666" across her forehead. While she's going all exorcists on us K-Fed is calling an "emergency custody hearing" for their 2 children.

And i'm sure Shar Jackson is eating this all up, chick went out and got lipo suction and some work done on her jawline . These are supposed to be "after" pictures of Shars lipo.

In other crazy bitch news it just can't stop won't stop with Foxy Brown

This broad was banned from the borough's "Junior's Restaurant" (the same restaurant Diddy made "Da Band" walk to, to get him a slice of cheesecake) when she tried to dine and dash, which she has done multiple times there in the past, according to the New York Post. This time she walked out on a $53 check, and when someone from her entourage came back to pay, the manager said: "Look, don't pay for it, just don't come back." She was given the boot not only because she constantly skipped out on bills, but because she's rude, and "none of the waiters want to serve her because she's known for cursing out people." It would be nice if someone slapped that damn tangerine lipgloss off her ass.

New York recently had an interview with Miss Jones and her crew over at Hot 97 in NYC. Now you know where this is going. Miss Jonesy pulled another "Christina Milian" and hung up on her when she claimed she attended Syracuse University .

Apparently, Washington D.C.'s Hot 99.5 FM didn't understand who they were dealing with when they paid Bobby Brown's bail (which was roughly around $19,000) in exchange for seven days of work at the station. Not only did Brown refuse to hold up his end of the deal once freed on Wednesday night, but he disrespected the DJ who spearheaded his release by hanging up on him during a live broadcast. On Friday, Brown called into the program, but hung up in host Kane's face 10 minutes later, after an argument over his child support drama and the nature of his employment arrangement at the station.

Bobby Brown Being Cruel

Micheal Jackson made a visit to Japan over the weekend, fans paid up to $3,500 just to be in this mans presence for one minute.

Why is that big ass kid being carried, he's kicking the body guard all in the knees and ish.

And lastly, it seems as if Tyrese doesn't like the choco-taco anymore, he was seen kissing Cameron Diaz all up in her mouthpeice this weekend

" A Gatecrasher spy caught Tyrese Gibson and Cameron Diaz in full lip-lock at the hip L.A. club Xenii. "They made out right in front of me on the dance floor," says the spy. "

I never heard the Christina Milian and Miss Jones interview. Was there a link to it on this site? If not can you post it for me please??? THANKS!

Hey Angie, here's the link:


What is up with Cameron Diaz? She was just seen doing the same thing with Djimon Honsou (did I spell that right?). And Tyrese.... No comment.

Trina always said she was a hoe, lest we forget her first cd. So are we really surprised? Lol.

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