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Busta Rhymes Is Going To Jail...

[ Busta Rhymes leaving a Manhattan Criminal Court flanked by personal security and his lawyer. ]

Mr. Rhymes is accused of
  • driving while drunk,
  • driving on a suspended licence,
  • assaulting an employee
  • beating a fan who allegedly spat on his car
The four trials will run consecutively, starting on 5 September, I'll keep him in my prayers.

That 4th line is funny cause I don't think u could call someone a fan if they r spitting on ur car.

He wasn't intentionally trying to spit on the car. It just so happens that at the same time he went to spit into the street the car pulled up.

Damn, Bye Bye Bye Busta

He needs to be locked up for messing with Miss.Jones. SMH

Fuck dat Busta bust is a good guy that may have made a few poor judgment calls as we "ALL" have I say fine his rich ass fairly and be done wit it!!! If he was a whitey like myself or Paris Hilton he'd maybe see 90 days and a fine! Let's keep it fair and REAL!!!! signed The Notorious PlainWhiteWrapper

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