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Does Tommy Hilfiger Hate Black People?

Mother Oprah had Tommy Hilfiger on her show today to discuss the rumors that I'm sure many of us African Americans have heard and suspected for a while, that Tommy Hilfiger does not like black people.

The rumor started 10 years ago and claimed that while being a guest on the Oprah show, Tommy supposingly said, "If I knew African Americans would wear my clothes I wouldn't have made them so nice." This statement sent the African American community into an uproar banning any and everything that was related to the Hilfiger empire.

After 10 years Tommy now decides to address this issue. Here's part of the interview between Mother Oprah amd Tommy Boy:

Oprah: Let's break this down. Tommy, in the 21 years that we've been on the air, have you ever been on the show before today?

Tommy: Unfortunately, not.

Oprah: And when you first heard it, Tommy, what did you think?

Tommy: I didn't believe it. … Friends of mine said they heard the rumor. I said, 'That's crazy. That can't be. I was never on The Oprah Show. I would never say that.' And all my friends and family who know me and people who work with me and people who have grown up with me said that's crazy.

Oprah: Well, did you ever say anything close to that? Where do you think this originated?Tommy: I have no idea. We hired FBI agents, I did an investigation, I paid investigators lots of money to go out and investigate, and they traced it back to a college campus but couldn't put their finger on it.

Do you believe him??


We live in a capitalist society, no one really cares who buys a product so long as a profit is made. if you believe that any designer would be foolish enough to say they dont' want black folks buying their clothing is a fool. We all know that African Americans love clothes, get a clue, it is all about the benjamins

This is really old. It's a rerun!!(I'm an Oprah fan. I know) I believe him because blacks spread rumors and get others to believe them. Did you mention that this interview was his first time on the Oprah show?! So where on earth could this have come from?

^^ Oprah is my spiritual advisor! I love her so!!!But yeah I saw this episode a while back! I figured I'd post it now.

I have to leave this comment. I met him before he was big. He is a very nice man with a lot of people that are jealous of him. I find it funny, because when I met him , we talked for a while and he gave me a autograph picture. And then turned around and offered a modeling job to my cousin. (Which I still could of kicked her in the azz for not taking back then)

Oprah sux and all she cares about is money. If she realy cared about black people she would be donating her own money.

I don't believe he ever said it publicly on Oprah but he may have said it to someone close to him. Now I don't think he really paid the FBI to find out where this rumor came from. I just don't think he cares that much.

How do you hire the freakin FBI just to investigate a rumor

i was thinkin that same thing. how do you hire the FBI to investigate a rumor? i'm pretty sure they have more important things to look into.

Anybody who watched the show will see, Oprah and Tommy were quite clear that he had never been on the show before and any sensible person would know that he doesnt care who buys his stuff as long as it is purchased

Thanks Juiicy. Your website is the best!!!!!

This is old. And even if he did say it, it still wouldn't stop the materialistic people of color [more specifically, our people] from buying his clothes. Sad, but true. The young folk could care less as long as they're rocking the latest name brand fashion. Speaking of news please google the Jena Six [about the 6 black high school kids] and sign the petition.

Does anyone even wear Tommy Hilfiger anymore? I don't think so. That went out with Cross Colors.

Who really cares Tommy's clothes are to high anyways. He's getting plenty rich off of everyone money has one color and that's the one that probably matters to him the most.

thats really silly i think, why dont they just check back that tapes and records. lol

tommy does hate blck people just by sayin if i knew dat so many black people would buy hiz clothes he would have made then ugly...i think that iz real rude...i cant belive any body woul ever say that...ever since i heard this i stoped bying hiz clothes...i think people like thisn dont belong in this society...so next time he should wacth wat he saiiz...

Can't spell and is the only one that says he hates black people. And looks like he swallowed too much Ritalin.

I rest my case.

This rumor has costed him probably millions of dollars :/ And everyone can use gazillion money!

To the chucklehead that said "if Oprah cared she would donate her own money....," She in fact does. In fact she donates more money each year than some people make in a lifetime! And it is her own money.

his shirts don't shrink he's alright inmy book!

i think somebody just wanted to make fun of him so that he would look bad. im half black and i like tommy hilfiger anywayss.

If it is true that he was not on the Oprah show, then the comments attributed to him cannot be true. We must stop trying to tear down people who are successful. we must work to rid the world of Racism and bigotry. One way not to do it is to spread rumors about people. If the rumors attributed to Tommy were true then he should be punished for it. Up to now it is just conjecture and rumor hence give him the benefit of the doubt. We are moving away from the racist idea that today any person who express any racism, no matter how small, seem very, very old fashion and on who cannot embrace the future at all.

This is really old. It's a rerun!!(I'm an Oprah fan. I know) I believe him because blacks spread rumors and get others to believe them. Did you mention that this interview was his first time on the Oprah show?! So where on earth could this have come from?

Posted by Anonymous | 7:32 PM

U r as stupid as you sound and you need to stay anonymous! FYI, Oprah is black fool! How dumb r u? Blacks don't start these stupid rumors, stupid people start rumors and they come in all colors! Where the hell r u from anyway? KKK-ville?

who cares..Hilfiger was in style BEFORE black people played it out...same thing with ECHO..whatever black people start wearing play it out..by the next summer no one wants it..because white people see black thugs wearing it..then dont buy it..then black people are so trendy the clothes get old just like a 1 month old rap song.the outcome? it ends up at marshals or tj max for 10 bucks a shirt..cause now no one is buying it..

My friend and I were recently talking about how technology has become so integrated in our day to day lives. Reading this post makes me think back to that discussion we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as memory becomes less expensive, the possibility of copying our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about all the time.

(Posted on Nintendo DS running [url=http://cryst4lxbands.blog.com/2010/01/31/will-the-r4-or-r4i-work/]r4i ds[/url] DS BlogServ)

@7:32pm, you are an inbred, ignorant, racist fool.

"blacks spread rumors and get others to believe them."

What a clueless and racist thing to say.

Most clothing designers are RACIST, the solution is to NOT wear their clothes, but here's the real magic, if Blacks don't wear their clothes no one will.

I guess the rumors might be true and may not be but i guess Tommy is business man so, he won't get into black or white

Question is why did Oprah and Tommy wait 10 years after the rumor spead to address it to the public. Sounds like Tommy took a big hit in his pocket after the rumor had spread. From what I've read, it seems as if Tommy Hilfiger Corp. took a financial hit after the rumor hit the streets. Hilfiger gave R&B/Hip-Hop artist Aaliyah a endorsement deal in 1998, hoping to help boost sells. Blacks in America have to understand, the US economy heavily depends on our dollars. This country spends $2.3 billion dollars on advertising, targeting Blacks only. From my past experiences dealing with the streets, when news circulates on the streets, the streets is on point.

Really..do you think he is going to tell the most POWERFUL BLACK WOMEN IN THE WORLD that he doesn't like Black people..come on, he isn't dumb..when i was younger thats all i ever wanted to wear..but I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HIM..I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM! AMERICAN IDOL ENDORES RACIST!

Take it to the EXTERME to cover up an EXTREME comment in front of an EXTREMELY INFLUENTAL BLACK WOMAN.

Look.. Who gives a CRAP.. Black white whatever.I'M SO TIRED OF this stupidity when it comes to race. its ridiculous!!!. we should care less about Race when it comes to clothes, because its Weight discrimination that is the problem here... We need more Size 12 - 18 in stores and less of sizes of teeny tiny tall slinder sizes.. No one is a damn supermodel so lets keep it real.. BRING UP THE BIGGER SIZES..

Blacks spread rumors???? That's an extremely racist comment!!!! As if rumors come solely from black people! Oprahs black too just in case you missed the memo.

Blacks spread rumors???? That's an extremely racist comment!!!! As if rumors come solely from black people! Oprahs black too just in case you missed the memo.

Tommy is racist.

Polo fuck that hilfigga

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Back in the day Tommy Hillfiger was HUGE with the black community and hip hop. Wearing Tommy Hillfiger was a sign that you had some money and taste. Also, at that time lables like FUBU were dying out. It couldve very well been another clothing line that put out the rumor to create more sales for theselves by destroying another mans reputation.

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Hey dumb ass she does!! Google her you Thot!

Blacks don't wear his clothes to prove the point blacks have power in the clothing world.

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