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Oprah Leaves Pooches $30 Million....

According to reports, Mother Oprah is planning to upstage Leona Helmsley by leaving her pooches $30 million in cash money if she should die before they do. Oprah's like 4,000 years old in doggy years so this is a safe bet that these bitches (the dogs) are going to be making it rain in a few years. Stedman, and all of his mulatto greatness, will get $250 million!!

And since you know I'm a ride-or-die chick for Mother Oprah ,I've provided you with a few pics she had of her dogs while they were on her show. If you are having problems with a disobedient dog, or even problems trying to get them housebroken check out this site for tips and answers on helping your dog become trained!

Oprah and those damn dogs!! She has wayyy too much money! But anyway that white lady sitting next to Oprah on the steps...has a severe case of HAMMER TOES!


I read somewhere that $30 million isn't alot to Oprah, so she doesn't understand why everyone is making a big deal out of this.....

What a waste of money!!!! 30 million for some dog !!! What a waste of money !!!!!

Give a dog can live off of maybe $2000 a year including vet bills, this is ridiculous.

is it me or is all this leaving money to animals in the million insane!!


What's Kroeger? Oprah is plum silly.

What is about rich people and dogs?

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