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Random Fashion Week Events

Russell & Kimora Simmons I wish they would stop trippin and get back together.

Dear Trina, Grandma called and she's pretty pissed you wore her good wig out

Hot Momma's.. I wonder if Janice Combs went up and tried buck on Fiddy cent for dissing her baby.
Guess not

Brandy actually looks pretty!Go'ne girl!

Amerie when are you gonna make another cd?

2 Asians and a cameltoe
I guess they are like bff's now..

Brandy looking like she just walked off of an episode of HEE-HAW. [Brandy &Traci Ellis Ross]

Brandy & JoJo

Foxxy Brown and Julissa, Ok. I see you with the picnic table blanket. I'd rock it.

The au natural Joy Bryant, The very piggy Eva Pigford, and umm Tyson Beckford

I wonder if she got "cottonmouth" from her damn mouth being open all night long.

7:42 pm

7:59 p.m.

Swallow Break


8:16 end of swallow break

8:16 p.m. back on the grind.

And my public service announcement for today is: LADIES, this is not normal, please don't EVER in your life subject yourself to thinking this is "beautiful". To me it's even a lil too skinny for a model type chick.9/10 you are fine just the way you are, unless you were that 900 pound chick on Jerry Springer a few years ago, then you need to look for another alternative!

....and for you guys and gals who love designer wear and actually like these events for clothing showcases go check out my girl Chanel over at Hip Candy for a re-cap on the new clothing lines from the hottest designers at Fashion Week.

Hey Juiicy! Ok I see we'll both be rockin' that picnic table dress that Foxy is wearing, I'm loving it for some reason!

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