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Random Pictures...

Alicia Keys enjoy the sights in Italy, looks like she forgot to pack her proactive but looks fabulous nonetheless.

B5 showed up at Diddy's Album Listening Party.. I've never seen soo many ugly lightskin lil boys in my life.

Danity Kane made an appearance. Why do they always look like they got dressed in the dark.

Vivi thinks since she's on 'Dancing with the Stars' She can parlay that into a dancing career.

Bowwow hit up the PlayBoy Mansion. If you haven't watched "Girls Next Door" I think you're missing a good show, but I'm cheesy like that!

I guess Urkel wanted some of the action too

Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice decided to be seen out and about.. the wig just.isn't.doing.anything.for. me.

Loving the pictures- keep up the good work!

Is that VH1's with Hammer.

WHY is Aundrea wearing the same dress from an album signing a few weeks back?


Alicia knows she is wrong for those pants. Just WRONG!!!

BTW, You're not the only one watching "Girl's Next Door". Great show.

Who the hell dresses Danity Kane! i love their music but they need a mirror!


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