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Russell Simmons Blackberry Stolen...

or so they say:

A woman is claiming to have found Russell Simmons' Blackberry at Fashion week (see pictures like 4 posts down) and threatens to release private messages from the device unless she is given a fully loaded

Am I the only person who doesn't care to know what's in that phone, I'm pretty sure it's something old, wrinkly and nasty.

  • Last Friday I told ya'll 50 cent was arrested for "reckless driving", he pulled a Diddy and youTubed that mess

Blu Cantrell Not Interested In..

MEN! Duhh, cuz we all know she's totally an Alien.

"I personally got hit up by none other than Ms. Hit 'Em Up Style. That's right - Ms. Blu Cantrell. So, she wanted to make it perfectly clear that my rumor was wrong; she is not involved with that guy named Matt Dallas. She told illseed, "I just thought I'd hit you up and set your boy's rumor straight: Matt Dallas and I are NOT dating for the simple fact that I'm not interested in men." As one rumor gets cleared up, another is created. If she isn't interested in men, who is she interested in? Hmmm… " All Hip Hop

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