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What They Were Doing This Weekend...

Out and About
Spike Lee with Family in Venice, Italy.

Looks like it's all work and no play for Beyonce, even with today being her birthday she's still a business woman, performing at the WW City and Communications Presents HAPPY B'DAY PARTY by Music World & Sony Music Japan International and attending a press conference to promote the Samantha Thavasa products in Japan. Can't knock a hustla

My condolences go out to Steve Irwin's family and friends.

On September 4, 2006 shortly after 11:00 AM local time, Irwin was killed in a marine accident while filming an underwater documentary in the Batt Reef off the Low Isles near Port Douglas, north of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It is believed that a stingray barb penetrated his chest causing a fatal wound, though this has yet to be confirmed by Australian officials. In an ironic twist, it has been reported that his new documentary was aimed at demystifying the stingray.

There has been a website made for Steve Irwin www.ripsteve-irwin.blogspot.com

Also here's a tribute to Steve Irwin with a classic southpark episode. RIP

Getting Married

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne are livid with daughter Kelly. Multiple sources confirm that Kelly has just had a shotgun wedding.The reality TV alum married a musician by the name of Matty, from some nowhere near famous band. To top things off, she's only known him for a little over a week.

Trying To Act

Kevin Federline, who made his nationally televised rap debut last Sunday at the Teen Choice Awards, is going for another first – his debut as a TV actor on America's top-rated drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, PEOPLE has learned exclusively. Federline, 28, started shooting his part in Los Angeles on Thursday night. He will play a menacing, arrogant teen who harasses investigators Nick Stokes (George Eads) and Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) on a job. The episode is tentatively scheduled to air in October.

Really TRYING to act.

Chris Brown will get a style makeover when he joins the cast of Fox's The O.C. this fall.

"I play, like, a band geek -- I'm really stepping out of my own character," he says.

"Geeky" Chris is set to appear in about seven episodes. The show, which begins filming in October, has its season premiere Nov. 2 Read More

Shooting New Music Video

Paula DeAnda

Getting a Lil PR

Maya at the The Sony HD 500

Dipping His Stick

Cacee Cobb & Donald Faison. She got with THIS just by being Jessica Simpsons BFF, I'm gonna have to make a few calls.

Going to Jail

Isley Brothers frontman Ronald "Mr. Biggs" Isley has been sentenced to three years and a month in prison for tax evasion.
Isley, who was facing up to 26-years in prison, was convicted last year on five counts of tax evasion in Nov. of 2005.
The 65-year-old singer was paid millions of dollars in performance fees between 1997 and 2002 without paying taxes.

The R&B legend, labeled a "serial tax avoider," also cashed royalty checks belonging to his brother O'Kelly Isley, and put a yacht and homes in his wife's name to avoid paying taxes
All Hip-Hop

Don't drop the soap playa and when you go to sleep squeeze your buttcheeks real tight like.

Getting Kicked Out of Clubs

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons girlfriend Denise Vasi was snatched out of a club Thursday after the VMA's that was held by LL. Word on the street was when Kimora pranced in through the doors security immediately snatched up Denise and escorted her out of the back door before Kimora was even through the front.

Getting Eliminated

If you happened to miss the show then this will be a spoiler, but "Like Dat" got eliminited, I was surprised because I thought her and Flava connected. I'm hoping that Beautful is gone, I haven't seen him have ANY QT with her except when he gave her that clock and damn near sucked her face off. Be sure to check out the next episode when New York makes a surprise visit.

Here's commentary from Like Dat after leaving the show.

Well y'all, my time is up, and all a brutha could find wrong was that he was as big as one of my thighs! What's a big gurl to do, be sad about it?? I can't help if the man is real tiny!! He a cute little thang though and still a sweetheart for laughin with me and not at me! And yes! I HAD my big GURL outfits too!

A big sista is not sad that she had to go home, or that a burthas homies said I could only be a friend. The one thang they said that all of y'all been sayin is that I was keepin it real, and y'all know that I was because that's all I got! They said that I would have a burtha's back and would not let nobody touch him and that's the truth. I aint runnin in a fight, and Ima feed you and keep you happy, as long as you can handle my bigness! Read more here

Cuz you know..."A big gul be cookin' and cookin'".

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