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New Couple Alert Pt.2??

Ok, now when I heard this I didn't believe it, hold on to your britches but according to YBF Solange and Weezy F. Baby are doing the damn thing.

Reading this makes my vagina dry, first of all Solange is like a amazon beast compared to Weezy.

Second of all, what happened to Miss. Diamond Princess herself? I mean they DO have their names tat'd on each other. I guess all that junk Khia was saying about Trina looking TORE UP in the morning finally dawned on Weezy. At any rate, I don't believe it. Let me know when some more info comes about!

But on another note, Lil Wayne threw a packed party at Shag in Los Angeles last night. Lounging on the Missoni-covered seats: Elise Neal, Lil Jon, Too Short, Kyla Pratt, Solange, Chris Brown, the kid who use to play Miles on Moesha, Benny Boom, and Nick Cannon. Snoop even showed up but the party was so crowded that he couldn't get in.

What the hell was up with all these lil kids being at this party. This ain't no Disney event!

Check out the pictures courtesy of YBF

too bad they're all GROWN now duh

Its sad but Hollywood is home to a lot of has beens. My girls and I used to go to the club and point out the used to be's. ya kno .. thats the guy that used to be on Moesha and he's with the guy that was on Sunset park. And then there is the guy that used to be on parenthood with Robert Townsen .. ya know he was the son. lol .. yea whats sad is the guy that used to play Miles on Moesha ... he's like their leader. I don't know why but he's VIP at everything. I saw him lastnight @ Pearl and I swear he was wearing a pimp hat ... no lie!!! The good thing is he got an education to fall back on. I think he goes to C.S.U.N

He's VIP in clubs!?! Well I'll be!! And I'm too happy Miles has an education! Too many actors fail to achieve that!

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