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Teddy Riley Divorces Wife He Met On Myspace...

In general I think looking for love online is pretty wack unless you're a 38 year old Wal-Mart Tire Lube & Express worker who weighs 450 pounds and smells like bean pies. But it's even MORE wack if you're famous.

Teddy Riley's marriage to Melinda Santiago is over after only 2 months of marriage. The couple met on MYSPACE. Santiago had previously dated Ursher and had a short fling with Tyrese which ended sour before he even got into them drawers.. reason being, he noticed that she had "Usher" tattoo'd on her hip.

All the freaks be on myspace, no diggity.

Teddy is such an ass! He was involved with a woman, a long time live in girlfriend, which had 3 of his children and an adopted son and he leaves her for a skeeker on the internet. Seems like he was thinking with the wrong head.

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