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Any Publicity is Good Publicity...

I'm beginning to think the whole "Kramer" tyrade was a publicitcy stunt, according to TMZ Sales of season seven of "Seinfeld" are up 75% over season six and 90% over season five -- after one week of sales, according to website DVD Empire.

Meanwhile, DeepDiscountDVD.com reports a staggering 178% increase over season six. Sales are up despite Jesse Jackson calling for a boycott.

No comment.

Are you serious? THis just goes to show that white people support his actions.

This doesn't suprise me... for his supporters who are coincedentally mostly white, it's "He said he was sorry, geeez! Give him a break. It's not that big of a deal. He didn't mean it... blah, blah, blah."

I know/believe if the "tables were turned" and it was a non-white comedian who lashed out on white people, this would never happen. As a matter of fact, the opposite would have happened. Sales would have plunged into the negative (if that's even possible). They would probably be burning or trying to return all of their old, used dvds. I can just hear them yelling in outrage (in my best redneck voice) "I'll never play another one of that racist n*****'s dvds in my house again! Ever! That's fer sher!" That's only if the tables were turned... but they're not.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were initiatives out there calling on all supporters (i.e. white people) to go out and purchase these dvds/videos. Just to show everyone who still has the power.

^^^ loved the "redneck voice"!! I agree, I'm sure all the people on Seinfelds message board are running to these stores to purchase the DVD's just to let Kkkramer know that they support him. Blah.

It won't really have effect, I think this way.
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