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Laurence Fishbourne Chases Paparazzi

Laurence who? Apparently it was a slow day in Hollywood and someone decided to snap a shot of Laurence Fishbourne.

Fishburne spotted the photographer snapping pictures of the him outside his Los Angeles home over the weekend. Seconds later, the "Mission Impossible 3" star took off after the lingering photog. Once Larry caught up to the fleeing man, he sat him down on a neighbor's lawn and most likely told him he was photographing him on his "bad" side.

Soooo my question is, did he go after the photographer who took this picture next?

AHAHAAAAA! He knows he needs to stop. That's way too hilarious that another photog caught this ish. hehe!

a good friend of mine told me that she's hung out with him a few times in new orleans.

at gay bars.

Shut your mouth Erin!! For real!?!

yeah she said apparently its some normal thing for hiim. He goes to the gay bars really, really late at night and picks up younger ( not underage ) dudes and what not. I just couldn't believe that mess but she's someone that wouldn't make that up. I can easily see why it hasnt gotten out in the public either. I also think his wife is a lesbian. I think they are just bearing the hell out of each other.

LoL@Did he go after the photographer. Forreal.

somebody please help laurence and kick the shit outta him!!! save him from himself!!! he is really a nut job!!!!!!!

That's CRAZY!!!

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