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Rumor has it...

Illseed over at All-Hip Hop is hearing about some beef that Buffie The Body may have with Flavor Flav's girl Deelishis. Now, (I hope I have this right) I heard the pair were both in Knob Noster, MO (where?) at a party and Buffie was upset that Dee was on the same stage.

Now, Buffie reportedly refused to talk in the mic as the hostess until Deelishis was off the stage. When Dee got off, the “Flavor of Love” star quickly made a comment to the crowd like, "This (a**) is real like no other" and looked at Buffie. Buffie’s butt is equally unique, but fighting over it is crazy.

What was funny is that Buffie complained about Dee the whole time, but the pair eventually had to ride in the same limo back to their hotels. Buffie reportedly tried to get a separate limo and failed.

See ladies this is why you get your education...Buffie is upset because her only claim to fame is her gigantic azz. Note to Buffie...you can find that in any hood on any given day...nothing special.


Buffy is ugly. All she got is that unnatural ass. Dee is cute.... I wish she had more going for her.

It's a shame when women have to rely on their asses for status. And then to actually have BEEF over whose ass is more "authentic"? I mean come on, isn't there anything else that stands out for her? I'd rather be known for my poetry and intelligence than my ass. Wake up ladies,please!

The bitch has obviously never been to Detroit because every bitch in the city's ass looks like that.

OMG! A booty beef?!?!? CTFU!

Okay this news is just asking for it so I added it onto my blog!

That sh!t ain't true.... And ya'll stupid fo believin dat sh!t.... Buffie look betta dan Deelishis n e way.... And Buffie's a$$ *AIN'T* sumthin u find in every hood.... not like dat

Yes, and your grammar shows your stupidity. How do you know it isn't true? Were you there? Do you know both of them personally? I suppose you've been to every "hood" in the world and seen every ass too. Please. Shut the hell up and sit your ignorant ass up before you go spouting off what you don't know,simpleton.

so what if she only has her ass to fall on,yall hoes just mad cause yall aint got no ass, and for the record they both are pretty,and for the one who said buffie was ugly, bitch you probaly don't know what pretty look like.

This will not have effect in reality, that is what I believe.
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