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Brigitte Neilson Brought Botox Back!

This broad his huge, ginormous even. Brigitte Neilson and husband were spotted at the Armani Exchange and Details Magazine Insider Party. For those of you who don't remember Brigitte she was Flavor Flav's big white stallion on the Surreal Life, they even had a show together on Vh1 called "Strange Love"

Here's a wacky pic of Flav and Brigitte, I think this started the whole "Flavor of Love" movement.

OK, who's Botox in the picture?
Seriously, that dude has a look on his face like he just caught the biggest tuna know to man ;-)

Damn, I liked flav with Brigitte. It was like a train wreck, but I just could not help but watch.

She has really stepped her game up (in this pic).
She looked a hot mess with Flav.

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Flavor Flave is an ugly little Black cretin who is lucky to be working on tv when he should be bagging at the local supermarket.

Brigitte Neilson - overly tall Danish white woman with no talent except for her her so-called looks.

Put these two loosers on a reality show so they can pay their rent now that they have no real jobs.

Stir in a brain dead viewing public raised on Jerry Springer and what do you get?

You get big paydays for reality show producers who can now make their next payment on that Porsche and that beach house in Malibu.

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