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New Couple Alert

Tank and Robin Givens are dating.. Is it me or does Robin always look like she's about to have a vein bust in her forehead? Anywho, she's one lucky chick because Tank is a "slap yo momma" type of fine!
Source: FreezeFIYA

Yea he's fine, and stands at a good 4'10"! All the fine ones are short!... except Big Willy!

Shut UP!! Is he really.. That's sad.

Nooooo....say it ain't so...anybody but her....ughhhhh!!!

Tank must put it on Robin! I heard him talk about her on Wendy Williams Experience. He mentioned how he gets to sing to her each night on stage.........awww! Robin don't mess this up! Tank is all types of sexy like damn!

GTFOOH! What a random ass couple! Tank is a cutie though.

oh no, damn i wanted to get to him first lol. why does she have that physco look

Robin, don't go psyco and hurt him u gold digging heffer

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