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Quote of the Day..

HERE TV – “How do you feel about being a gay icon?”
BEYONCE – “It’s definitely my goal, and my dream.”
HERE TV – “To be a gay icon?”
BEYONCE – “Oh absolutely. That’s the ultimate thing I could be. That’s the ultimate compliment for me.”

Shut the fuck up!

beyonce be saying some off the wall stuff sometimes. were do her head be in these interviews

She is an idiot...She needs to leave the interviews up to her publisist and just sing. What a dummy.

I think Beyonce is a stepford daughter... maybe her batteries were runnin low.

What in the ham sandwich?? My husband said she was a little wacko.

First, she wants to be a great singer, because "there's a certain amount of money she wants to have".

Second, she wants to act and win and Oscar and a Tony by the time she's 30.

Third, she wants to be a GAY ICON!?!?!

I'm through with her! She's totally OFF THE ROCKER here...I hope this quote is incorrect...she's all over the place! Kinda like that chica in "Coming to America" who tells Eddie and Arsenio that she wants to be a dancer, then an actor, then a director, 'coz she wants to star in her own movies and act and direct and then design clothes and then become a superstar.

Beyonce, please, put the damn champagne down...DO NOT DO INTERVIEWS WHILE INTOXICATED...'coz you make even LESS SENSE than you do when you're sober.


What it sounds like is that she needs that to feel even better about herself. In other words, she either wants men AND women to want her or she wants the entire gay community to think that she is so beautiful and fabulous that they praise her and want to be like her or with her. Like she is the baddest chick on the face of the earth! That would be the ultimate high for her to think that she is an ICON to and wanted by everyone! So since she already feels that the straight community loves her, all she needs to be is the gay icon too and she has conquered the world. If neither of those are it, then maybe she is just saying she is gay!!!

You guys are crazy... i love the comments - LOL I have been cracking up!

this is what you sound like when you do not have a highschool degree.

Let that be a lesson to you kiddies out there

Why are you all acting so surprised? Don't all TRANNIES wanna be gay icons. Lace front wearing heffa.

I need to go hit up Blockbuster and get "coming to america"!! I love that movie!

Ummm...Bey knows her audience. She know who buys her cd's, who will buy tickets to her concerts, and who will fill seats in theaters come Christmas day (on her behalf).

She probably thought he said "good actor".

She probably thought he said "good actor".

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