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Star Jones Replacement Might Be Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd (Jamie Foxx, Beauty Shop) is a lock-in for the chair vacated by Star Jones Reynolds. The past two days that she's been on the view have been a test run to see if she could hold her own without Rosie.

Rumor is they are going to work the angle of Shepherd's sudden divorce. Her ex hubby, Jeff, was a cheating, all while their newborn baby was in the neonatal intensive care.

Like a strong black woman this chick kicked him to the curb and has now been
living her life for her 19 month son and Jesus. Go'ne girl!

As much as I loved Rosie, I would love to see another black women on the panel.

Check out her myspace page:

I see they are going with the Star Jones look alike...*smh*...but I don't blame her...Make that paper Sherri.

i like sherry so much more! a more blendable personality, but strong in her own right. what's up with these celebrities and myspace pages?? many of them have their own official webpages. i know they reach the masses but dang, it's getting cheesey!

She is really loud and ghetto at times, but I kinda thought they would pick her as Star's replacement as well. If they do, it would not be a surprise.

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