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Trina/Mya/Reagan in KING Magazine.

For KING Magazine's 5th Anniversary edition they had the beautiful Trina, Mya, Reagan Gomez, Buffie the Body and Melyssa Ford grace the covers. Here are a few of the photoshoots they did and tidbits from their interview.

The self proclaimed "Baddest B*tch" talks about her booty, MIA, Slip N' Slide and her booty some more.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mya was next on Kings List. For all you fella's this broad does NOT play. She's went as far as hiring a private investigator to follow her boo.

Last is Reagan Gomez-Preston. Wonder why you never hear "negative gossip" about this chick? It's because she's been married since the age of 19 as she explains in the December issue of KING.

Trina is thick as fuck

Trina looks the tackest out the bunch (as if that's anything new).

ACTUALLY trina looks the best out of all of these bitches so dont come at t he baddest bitch like that EVER!!!

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