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Two In The pink, One In The Stink.....

My homie lover friend FreezeFiya sent me this crazy email saying that The Game was on Hot97 and Funk Flexed asked Game "since you putting out basically a diss record against all video girls, why did you ask Vida Guerra out to a Bar-B-Q." To get everything clear, Game said he didn't exactly ask her out. He was at a Jamie Foxx party and seen Vida at the party so he eyed her for a minute then went in. He got a few drinks as well as her and he then approached her. After talking to her for a bit, he decide to take his fingers and explore both tunnels. Remember this is the same chick who said Game was being salty towards her because she dissed him. I guess the grey goose got her ass loose, literally!

Check the audio out here.

And you can still catch him snitchin' on your role-models at his myspace! You still got love from JuiicySCOOP FreezyFBaby! http://groups.myspace.com/rumorreport

OK...I just listened to that shit AND I felt like I overheard 2 middle school niggas talkin like lil bitches about fingering a Junior High hottie!!

I always felt that Game had bitch in him BUT this shit proves me to be right. BIG fuckin deal if u finger Vida, or whoever. Why are these "hard rappers" runnin their mouths like hoes??? And then, the D.J is getting all crunk like they're not just 2 grown ass men talkin bout some kiddie shit!!!

That is ridiculously lame and about as bitch-like as it can get. The Game on the radio talking about fingering a female. I swear, they just don't make niggas like they used to.

^^ Amen

^^^ DOuble AMen!! Whoa..

Say that. That shit is double lame!

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