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Update on Tyrese..

A few days ago TMZ reported that Tyrese's live-in girlfound (who isn't Rocsi) called 911 alleging that Tyrese punched her in her thigh and arm then fleed after an argument. Now sista girl is releasing a statement:

"Reports that Tyrese punched my client -- his girlfriend -- in the arm, thigh or anywhere else are false. It is true, Mr. Gibson and his girlfriend had been arguing. She became very emotional and distressed during the argument and called 911 in an attempt to get a mediator. Mr. Gibson, frustrated, left the home.

My client, Mr. Gibson's girlfriend, who is 11 weeks pregnant, then became more upset and began throwing up. When the paramedics arrived, concerned about the baby, they took her to the hospital. Fortunately, she was fine.

Once at the hospital, she was asked by a nurse whether she had been assaulted. She said no. She was then asked what her pain level was on a scale of zero to ten. She said zero.

She then discharged herself. Mr. Gibson and his girlfriend are very much still in love, together and excited about their expectant child. She is quite saddened that this event was so distorted"

There goes another white gossip source trying to bring the man down. They had inconsistances when they first published the story saying he punched her in her stomach, then retracted the statement and went on to say he hit her in her thigh/arm. Get it together.

Quick Scoops
  • Blogger has been acting up this morning shutting down all the blogs, thats why alot of you early birds weren't able to look at ANY blogs. On top of that school has started again so I'm busy with that also, give me a little time to get back in the groove of things and posting will be back to regular in a few days!

juiicy! we know what the priorities are, so take your time. we're here.

That is so messed up! His rep has already been ruined by this story. Anyway, do what you gotta do :-)

**smh*** even if he did punch her in the thigh and arm...is that even abuse?? don't you have 2 be puched in the head or chest to say yo nigga beats you?? just aking.

**smh*** even if he did punch her in the thigh and arm...is that even abuse?? don't you have 2 be puched in the head or chest to say yo nigga beats you?? just asking.

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