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Beyonce Tryna Save A Pretty Penny.

I don't think Beyonce has much to do with this, I think it's the works of that evil genuis Papa Knowles.

"Beyonce Knowles is gearing up to start heavily promoting her album, B’Day, even though it’s been out for awhile. Beyonce is apparently trying to save money by making her backup dancers pay for their own flights from New York to Los Angeles. They are also only being paid a measely $400 per video even though Beyonce is making millions. They aren’t complaining, because if they do they will be out of a job.

A source said, “They were told that they couldn’t call their agents and that if they didn’t agree, they would not be hired.”

Of course they can't afford to fly all the dancers to the shows, that would have to come out the lace-front/Tic-Tac budget and we all know she needs her lace fronts and tic tacs!


That is horrible. Dancers have to pay their own way to be in her show? The dancers can't call their agents, which puts them at risk of being DROPPED by their agents who may be these dancers sole means of BOOKING WORK??? All for the chance to dance for Beyonce for a couple shows until she gets tired of them?

This madness needs to be stopped.

LMAO @ Lace fronts and Tic Tacs. If this is the doing of her father, she needs to dismiss his ass from her personal affairs. I'm sure Jigga can help her keep her business straight.

How can she be so cheap and make so much money. I'm about tired of this.

Damn I would be trying to cut corners too, the way the blogs read does not seem that she has too many fans.

^ yeah that broad running out of fans.. Like literally.. As the Rapper Maceo said....I would love to tell Beyonce

"Hoe Sit Down" LOL!

And pay them folks more.. this like the 6th time I heard this shyt.. gotta be true!

Please of course she knows whats going on if she says shes's finacing the videos out of her own back pocket, then she damn well knows shes underpaying the dancers even though her father might be the evil genius SHE CAN"T BE THAT STUPID

there is no excuse for this

I understand cutting corners, but that is ridiculous!!! If she can't afford to pay them appropriately and take care of their travel expenses, then she needs to re-evaluate how her money is being spent! That is just like a CEO of a company saying he can't pay his employees their yearly bonus because sales weren't that great, but he still gets a million dollar bonus on top of his million dollar salary. Come on now! Take care of your folks!

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