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Janet Jackson Is Retahded...

“‘I haven’t set foot in a grocery store in years. And that’s so embarrassing. I kept going ‘What’s this?’ First of all I had the cart and I was riding down the aisles, standing on it. And we got to the checkout and there’s this square thing and I’m like, ‘What’s this, you guys?’ They said, ‘That’s so you can use your credit card’. And I said, ‘You can use your credit card in grocery stores now?’ Missy just cracked up laughing.’

She's really not that dumb, you just have to break it down for her. A shopping cart is the little metal thingy you sit JD in when you're looking for food in a store.

Well, so she had an enabler buying her food when her ass blew up to 200 lbs?!?!?!

Yeah she did. alot of celebrities do. As for using a credit card in the supermarket that happned to me to as well as the invention of metro cards in nyc for riding the train and bus; i had no idea they exsisted and when i went to put a token in the machine, the bus driver laughed a little and said they don't take tokens anymore LOL

LMAO, its believable coming from Janet she is kinda sheltered if you haven't noticed.

Say what you want... I still hit that!


Well, if you don't go to a grocery store, how would you know what the shit in the grocery store is for. Must be nice!!! I'm a little toooo familiar with the grocery shopping life.

I read an article a few months ago about Oprah not knowing how to pump gas! They said that she got out at the pump and was confused as hell.

I think the airheaded syndrome runs in the Jackson family.

Yeah guys go easy on her she was very sheltered when she was growing up. she looks very happy with her new love i hope it will be for good

Her boyfriend may not be the most attractive person in the world but she looks as though she loves him and he her. maybe now janet will push out some kids

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