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"Make It Rain Remix "Videoshoot

Quick Scoops

  • Want to be a KAPPA!??! Think again Ghetto-Fabu
  • Young Joc's interview in XXL
  • T.I.'s interview in XXL

OK!! I see ya Trina...looks like she's shed a few AND lookin good might I add. Maybe she's tryna get Wayne back.

Hot mess on top of hot mess.


^^Being love sick will do that to you. Poor thang...oh wait, that's the diamond princess...I don't need to feel sorry for her. lol

trina shoes are nice!

Trina wears those shoes to like every event!

Trina wears those shoes to like every event!

Trina wears those shoes to like every event!

I love Kappa's!!

Trina and those shoes, she's worn them in like 5 videos already.

oooOOoOh..ok! Um..I didn't realize. Thanks to you bloggers!

Interesting post... Looks like solid state memory is finally starting to become more popular. Hopefully we'll start seeing decreasing solid state harddisk prices soon. $5 32 gig Micro SDs for your DS flash card... sounds gooooood.

(Posted on BB for R4i Nintendo DS.)

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