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Crazy in Love with Bubba....

So a few days ago on Dr. Phil he had a guest who says she's been stalking Jay-Z for more than 3 years. Here's excerpts from the show.

"I’ve been stalking Jay-Z more than three years,” Katrina says matter-of-factly. “Jay-Z is the CEO of Def Jam [Records]. He’s a big celebrity. In my mind, he’s more than that. He is just my dream. I can’t seem to think of anybody else. He is my all and all."

Katrina buys every magazine Jay-Z is in, has called him over 300 times and e-mails him 200 times a day, but he has never responded. She even had a T-shirt made up with Jay-Z's and her picture, that she says she sleeps in every night. "Jay-Z’s real name is Shawn Corey Carter. When I’m writing songs, I would just call him Shawn. I make up my own songs and leave them on his voice mail," she shares. "I went to a Web site that has gossip, and they believe anything you say. I e-mailed them a letter, saying I was Jay-Z’s ex. I also went as far as saying Jay-Z liked me better than [his girlfriend] Beyoncé. He’s in love with me," she reveals. "Everything was made up." *ahem* MediaTakeOut.

To me, I am Beyoncé. I am every man’s dream. I’m accomplishing it by just looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Jay-Z’s going to be my man,’" she says.

Katrina's crazy quote of the day: “I’ve been stalking people my whole life. When someone rejects me, I get obsessed with that person. When I was 9, it was this man who went to my church, and I just had a huge crush on him. I called him over 100 times in one day.’”

Where's this childs momma?

Lawd!!! It's chicks like that who'll cause problems in your relationship. Just imagine if this crazy bitch set her eyes on YOUR man and after being rejected started up this kinda behavior. You'd swear up and down that they fucked at least once.

She needs to be exiled outta the country.

Sorry But I had to come back for this one (LOL)...

How are you able to call a grown ass man from your church??? You asked about her mama...she probably was out doin a little stalking of her own while her daughter sat at home just begging to be a statutory rape victim.

That poor child is just really sad, it's a great example of what having low self esteem does to alot of these chicks...I'll keep her in my prayers.

Jay-Z should be careful. This chick is not dealing with a full deck!!!

Now, I love me some Jigga too, but this biatch is crazy. Jay and Bey both better be careful. She is beyond disillusional.


I knew that mediaouttake be lying. You all know there is a "Katrina" in every town, every city. But she should be exciled.

Mediatakeout is the devil of gossip, they aren't even credible and the shit they make up is crazy. From day one I've always said on this blog that you should never believe anything MediaTakeOut says, they are a poor excuse for journalism.


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