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Did You Hear?

According to the spys over at PageSix Ginuwine Robin Givens has a new man, and he loves to dance for her. Givens was spotted last Thursday night at Stereo with singer Ginuwine and pals including Kanye West and Jermaine Dupri. Clubgoers got a show when, according to witnesses, Ginuwine "got up on Jermaine's table in the VIP section and started doing a sexy, slow dance for Robin, followed by a lap dance."

I'm sure she was smiling so hard that big ol' vein was about to pop out of her forehead.

p.s. she is happily married to R&B Singer Tank

oooooooooo So she's the blind rumor!!!!

Damn she's a slut....And she sleeps with women too? Damn Tank.
Probably sitting home with an STD right now

I read somewhere that Tank was mistaken for Ginuwine. In other words, it wasn't him. You can't believe everything you read!!!!


tank is not married to her but he does have a lil mixed dancer model chick he is always seen with

Robin Givens is a nasty broad. But on top of that I heard she is a little off in the head. Stealing phones and sending text messages to people she doesn't know. If she were secure there would be no need for all of that. What a stupid woman.

why does the mixed model chick keep writing this same stupid line. if he was always with her the other women that he deals with wouldn't be doing just that. some women are dumb for life.

Wow, there's so much worthwhile information here!
Beef casserole with edam

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