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This Is Why He's Hot

Because this bitch can step out of the house with Snakeskin pumps and dare someone to tell him he's not the shit.

According to my girl Chanel over at Hip Candy this is the new ish. Men wearing heels:
Men in Heels My friends and I have sought to incorporate high heels as an acceptable accessory to different types of men's styles. It's not fetish and it's not high fashion and we are heterosexual. It's a paradox now, like men wearing earrings and long hair used to be. We know it's different, but believe that the overall image can be projected with good taste (even if not high fashion).
I can't see it working, a HETERO man wearing high-heels? What's your thoughts, opinions?

hell nah....i'm sorry, men need not to wear a heel higher than the sole on a timberland boot.

^^LOL but true.

uhhhhhhh no!

he can wear them all he wants but I wont be dating him....

^^ LOL amen to that sista! I'm not going with a guy whos going to fight me over my high heels n shit lol

My man would wear this crap if he wanted me to beat the life out of him with everything not bolted down around me. Same goes for my father, uncle, nephew, son, cousins, and male friends. This is not at all cute or acceptable.

Hell to da no!!! Unless your ass is named Prince, DON"T DO IT!!!!!

Try taking this nigga home to your parents. YEAH RIGHT

Heels no, platforms yes! Steve Madden makes so many styles and i've found 3 that totally suit a guy.

Plus its interesting to get the "lift" a platform gives.

Get a pair and try 'em out. You might be surprised.

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