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Marque Houstons Boo

Marques Houston was recently spotted by a fan walking hand-n-hand with R&B Superstar Mila J.. Ok she's not that big of a superstar, I was just being nice but you can check out her myspace.

What happened to Kim Karadashian you say? Word is that he tossed Kim because she's been 'tossed' by everybody else. But damn, does Mila J not resemble that Iraqi broad!?!

I heard MH can put it down!

Usually when they like the ones that look like this, they just go from this one to the next one.

This picture is on every damn blog site I go on now. Who in the hell decided to resurface this old ass picture and make up a rumor about them dating.

I know them, and they are NOT a couple. They were just walking hand-in-hand for a sec. Marques is dating someone and has been dating this same chick since last year. The girl he's in the picture with...Mila J is NOT his girlfriend. They have been friends for many years. And besides, Marques used to date Mila J's older sister Miyoko a few years ago...so that would be sick.

People need to do research before posting up shit like this. And these stupid rumors need to stop.

Bottom line who cares about Marques...he will never win a Grammy award....he's trash actually

TRASH! YOUR TRASH! Marques Houston is a great artist..

i think their cute and maybe mila j is a slut and likes dating her sisters ex!!!

OMG Marques Houston is not trash... You Probably just Have No Taste...

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