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Back By Popular Demand! Peer Pressure!!

Sorry if the posting is slow on Tuesday but it's usually my day off from work and school...So I lay back, get a drink and look at my DVR/TiVo all day to catch up on last weeks program...Juiicy might throw you dirt where ever the hell she is...

NEways, remember the guys that second degree raped a foot stool...Well they are back..with more victims!!! There are 2 bar stools, a fire place, and the carpet floor now with the Christmas tree in the corner force to watch this horrific act.....Yes I say horrific because my 4 year old cousin walked in on me posting this. She turned around running and crying saying "momma, they're hurting Santa!" NEways have fun and there should be some actual worth looking at post soon...

"warning, this may cause wet panties!" lmfao!!

O ladies...don't think were the only ones that look like asses lol...And yes that lady is right, were going to show this shit all across the world lmao.... Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE big women....but even I have a limit

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This is why wack groups like pretty ricky are dangerous... They make it mainstream for young black guys to act like idiots.

Ahhhh my eyes are burning!!! It just ain't right, lol. And how and the hell did Pretty Ricky even get a record deal!!! Even my 12 yr. old think they are a bunch of fools.

The real question that we all must ask is.....Where the hell are the momma's and daddies of these here chirren. Do schools not give out homework anymore. Is young black America losing there freaking minds. LMAO....all you can do is laugh

Da Fellas: These negroes really need hobbies and to be spayed and neutered.

Da Ladies: I'm surprised no one's pants busted. But why did it sound like someone's mama was behind the camera? SMH!

These kids scare me

I saw this on another site its friggin hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how did they get rid of those blueballs after the video was shot? I mean, all that rubbin up on the couch, down on the carpet, then up in the air... somebody musta bust a nut!! smh...

I am beginning to believe they are Pretty Ricky's brothers. Pure Foolywang material...

the sanctity of Jesus Christ birthday was ruined with that first video.

^^LOL!!!!.... but them dudes are some damn fools, and it killed me at the beginning of the video it had a warning stating that it may wet some panties.... well it sho in hell didnt get mine wet lol.... and as far as the big women dancing, I have 3 words: You. Go. Girls! haha they was jammin'!

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I ain't mad at them big ass guhls. Them big heffa's put it down! But the little boys...one word...rugburn!

OMG.....I need some OXYGEN... that was the FUNNIEST YOUTUBE VIDEO EVER.... them boys are humpin any and everything!

I know that room smelled like musty groins,TAG body spray, and Funyuns, real talk.


I was waiting for those blue jeans to split wide open. Pretty Ricky is the devil.

All i wanna know is who in the pretty ricky hell is wasting their time videtaping these young boys and why?
.....and ladies that is waaaay to much jelly lmao

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