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Dayuuummm...Another One??

Kim Kardashian aka Super K is what Ray J calls her is running through Hollywood like her X BFF Paris. I know the rumor of Kim dating Reggie Bush is still on your mind ladies.. Well guess who Kim was getting cozy with this past Saturday! Scott Storch! Kim & Scott were spotted together on South Beach to close for comfort.O but don't worry, I told you all about Reggie's little side piece in the Hummer earlier .Did I mention Scott Storch was "close" friends with Kim's former BFF Paris Hilton....You gotta love young Hollywood these days! Give Kim an A for effort. She is running through err'body!!!


She is still fine as hell!!!!!!

They could just be friends. People hang out all the time. It seems like everytime she talks with some guy people assume she's dating him.

thats true anon 3:57 but her rep is horrible, thats some scary shit rt there. She's beautiful, these guys are all over her but until she gets a clue of self respect which may be a while..... the rumors will continue.


People stop hating on Kim. She was married, then had liek 2 boyfriends, ,hardly a hoe! The media wants to make her out to be a slut, she is just beautiful! GO REGGIE!!!

Yeah I agree with 3:57 anony...
They could be.. but she still a fire croutch!!


i want her body in my next life

She afraid of doods taller than her?

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