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Exclusive: Nick Cannon & Selita Are NOT Engaged!!

Rumor has it Selita actually said "NO" after the proposal and engagement party. This is the message of what was posted on Selita's MySpace. Poor Nick, I knew the engagement would blow up in his face, but not so quickly...
The message:.. I HAVE TO CLEAR UP SOMETHING.....SELITA ENGAGED? NO WAY I must tell you, everyone thinks Nick and I are engaged but yet we are really not...I had to talk to him after the proposal because I felt he didn't really do it for the right reasons...it was like a publicity stunt and all..I didn't to much care for it at all...all I did was hug him and whispered in his ear "We truly need to talk for sure!...Which we did and this is why I'm not engaged right now! Thanks to you all for the blessings but I'm sorry the media had lead you astray! Don't believe the hype of the media!
Update: Did some research on the rumor, I'm up in the air at this point. Could be true, could be a hacked MySpace prank, so until I get the official word, take it as it is...A rumor
Update#2: I've been doop! The rumor of Nick and Selita's non-engagment arent' true. The information came from a bogus MySpace page...Sorry if I led anyone wrong.... Trust me, I'm on the asses of the 3 people that led me to believe this garbage. I guess my sources make mistakes too...


i'm pretty sure that's a fake myspace


her real one is:


Thats right girl...get on that ass. They know they have to research before they come blabbing to you. Thank you for correcting that...nobody else has!!!



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