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T.I. and His Water Boys Part1,2,3!

WTF is really going on...At all 3 concerts, T.I. gets a water bottle thrown at him and he just GG (Goes Ghetto/Gangsta) all over the mic. Either T.I. has a designate water bottle thrower at all his concerts or a target that says "hit me" is printed on the back of T'I's shirt and water bottles are handed out at the door?? I'm not saying, but I'm just saying

At a recent concert

At an Ivy Legue School

At Bentley College

You see what I'm saying??? Whoever throws those water bottles always has "50 thousand on their head"


Yes! I was there when he came to Cornell!


all of these studio gangsters are just setting the wrong images to our young black boys. they think thst shit is real and they will try to live up to that kind of gangster life. HE KNOW BETTER THAN THAT. STOP FRONTIN YOU AINT NO GANGSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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