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Coral The El Lesbiano

Looks like Coral from "Real World- Back To New York" loves the ladies, she was recently quoted in an interview talking about exploring her "lesbian qualities" and her "girlfriend".
  • What is your sexual orientation? You dated men on Real World.Oh, yeah. It’s very cloudy at this point in time. I’m definitely venturing toward my lesbian qualities. It’s been a long time coming. At that time, I was really unsure. That was not the proper venue, the proper platform. To come out to your parents on a fucking reality show, I think that’s just mean, so I didn’t.
  • Your girlfriend is very beautiful.She’s not my girlfriend. I’m attracted to beautiful women. Beautiful women tend to be attracted to me. It really seems to work out for me.
  • You’re coming out more, doing LGBT events?I’ve always been really supportive of the community. I just felt it was something I belonged to and had to show up for. I love doing this kind of thing. It’s really positive and shows we’re capable and can run shit. Gay men run shit in L.A., honey. If you want to go out with somebody in L.A., they have businesses and money and depth. Gay men are coming up and are very under-estimated.
I kinda knew she loved the ladies, my gay-dar is on POINT son.

That bitch is soooo desperate for attention. She ain't never had a J-O-B except going on those Real World/Road Rules challenges..admitted lesbo or not, she's pathetic..

i thought she went both ways? At least that's what i was picking up. I'm pretty sure she didn't get the new floatation devices for the ladies

those are her real breast.

Coral was on the Real World: Back to New York, not New Orleans. The black girl in the New Orleans house was Melissa.

I'm not surprised at all.

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