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DJ BootLeGG's Prostitute Flang...

Thug Love is really complicated? As you may have already heard by now, Trina & Lil Wayne are back together...I think?? Well it's safe to say their f**cking again. Remember a couple of weeks agoThe Predator.....I'm sorry, Lil Wayne was performing a song at a night club in Miami and Trina was there. After turning to Trina and performing this song, Trina teared up and ran on stage screaming "I love you, I miss you!!" Well I found the remix to that song. I don't know what Weezy did but he turned Trina into Kim Porter, down for whatever. Lie, cheat or steal she will still be screaming "he's my man!" Notice when Trina spits "I'm the real Miss Wayne all the other chicks are lame". NEways....give a listen to this "love song" that made Trina tear up and Speak On It...

Also new music from Danity Kane...Odd that their music is leaking before Cassie's..i'm not saying but I'm just saying

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first!again i really think that they have a real thang fo each other...

Um...this song sucks! I didn't like it when it was just Wayne and I hate it with the Trina addition. It's awful!

I just wish that Trina would sit her desperate ass down somewhere and try to do something with that washed up thing she calls a career. And how do you expect men to respect you if you are telling him/them you dont care if they were a dirty dog. Trina please do better because you are not repping well at all. And on another note Wayne just made a song on the Carter 3 that he addresses to Nivea telling her how much he misses her and want a second chance.

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