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Jay & B's New Label???

So the word from my P-N-C Miami Greg, Jay & B are allegedly starting a new label venture with Apple iTunes & Music World Ent.. As you all have heard by now, Jay's contract with Def Jam will expire soon and him renewing his contract is becoming a big question.

In the contract, Jay has the rights to bring the entire group of artist he signed anywhere he goes so big hitters like Rihanna, Ne-yo, Rick Ross, Kanye, and Nas will follow Jay to this new label.

Also Beyonce must fill out her obligation with Sony by the end of 07 by releasing two more albums which will be her Christmas album and her Greatest hits album. Details are shaky but look for new contracts and new moves to happen around November-December. Beyonce and Rihanna on the same label...very interesting.




This would be interesting. Can't wait to see what happens-

I agree with anon.. this is false.

jay z did not sign nas! gtfoh with that shit about my baby! get your facts together!

signned nas, joint venture...same difference


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