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Raven Symone' PhotoShoot

Raven Symone' did a photoshoot in LA over the weekend!

She looks nice!

^^ I agree

well... let's not be fake.. she is a VERY pretty young lady.. but she could due to lose about 35 pounds... she don't have to get Nicole Ritchie skinny, but she do need to some of that bottom off..

she's always been pretty, but she needs to stop making her clothes and hire a stylist.

I don't think she needs to lose an ounce! She's beautiful, successful and has a REAL woman's body (although, she COULD use a new stylist)! I'm tired of these Hollywood stankaskankskanks (paris, nicole, lindsay, et al) running around looking like 8 year old boys in drag. Go on 'head, Raven.

Guess those rumors about her being pregnant aren't true.

What rumors????

she is gorgeous! but if i were her, i really wouldn't be wearing mini dresses....at aLL...not a good look boo

To all the sistas out there that get it twisted. THAT is the definition of THICK. Any bigger and she would be considered FAT.

Also if you are her size with a gut hanging over your cooch and jelly rolls you are still FAT not THICK.

Raven is tha Hottest Woman in the Industry many are now starting to get some sense, and Realize that here you can vote on A Petition so that we all can possibly talk to Raven Directly, and help her Career: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/attention-all-raven-symone-fans

GOD Bless you all, and Raven!

Raven is pretty, and all her outfits look tasteful...stop hating cause she's not a size 2.

I think she luks gr8 and gud 4 her that shes not just skin and bones. She rocks and there should be more people like her and not like paris hilton , etc,

i luk just lyke her if u want 2 see me go 2 www.ashabakar.wetpaint.com

i luv her so much i have watched all the episodes of thats so raven its cool

shes massively hot i like that dress

I have to agree Raven you look so pretty in those pics

to the person that said she makes her own clothes

LMAOOO what is wrong with you, yeah she does that on That's so Raven, which is a TV show. therefore not real!
Gesh do you really think rich and famous Raven would make her own clothes! Next your guna say shes phycic!

i think raven looks great!!! its nice to see a young black women doing her thing and not throwing up her food, like the rest of those idiotic so calle celebs. raven you go gurllllllllll!!!

Hey, hey, hey! Now y'all who are hating on Raven don't have a REAL view on a REAL woman. I bet y'all like what size 0!! Come on get real, men nowadays aren't wanting skanky thin women, but real women with curves. I'm exactly like Raven, big and let me tell you this, Bigger IS Better!!!! And her fashion sense is up to her, it suits her and she looks amazing in it, but you don't see Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan getting slated for wearing outfits which aren't up to the taste of you. Y'all need to get real and not always listen to the media!!! Raven is a beautiful women and y'all just jealous of her!! You keep going Raven, I love you!!!

She is HOT I would date that woman. She is very beautiful with her fine boobs. She is a fine woman and all I'm saying is she is sexy.

I would so make out with her.


She a has blossomed into a beautiful, talented woman. She is genuine and true despite other actresses out there. Raven is an amazing role model for all girls and young women out there...you should be very proud of yourself girl!

she is the size of a real lady or woman. she isnt a size 0 or a size 2 but damn not everybody is! she looks great and her outfits are fine. thats how she likes to dress and thats good. a lot of these outfits look better on her than some of these anorexic celebrities because raven got some curves. so actually these outfits look better on her than some skinny as hell chick. she dont need 2 lose any damn weight. talent doesnt have shit to do with what size you are. so people need 2 quit acting like it does.

she looks beautiful and shes the perfect size ..shes not all skinny and fake ..and i love it

Raven is my role model. She got the boobs, the booty and the wits and when I look in the mirror I like wat I got Thanks Raven. U The Best!

she has giant tits omg i just want to titie fuck her so badly

honestly she looks great. She isnt obessed like shit man, god made everyone different. I think she looks great just the way she is and she is beautiful. You just hate.

who cares about size as long as you are roking these clothes and raven you are rocking them you look amazing

M oh please what do you know she look amazing in the dress and thats all too it
i bet people who aint her size wouldn't rock it as she did
save it for someone else

ravens hot lol nice tits and ass

i love her tits and ass so much i would fuck her so hard

i wanna take off her cloths and pound that shes crazy hot

i wanna take off her cloths and pound that shes crazy hot

reven is pretty and she is orignal i think she shouldn't get a styilist i love the clothes she makes

she got some big tits

sheeeeeeeeeeeeet, I'll fuck the shit out of raven,, I would tear her backside up real nice.. she looks like she got that good good, her pussy taste like vanilla, and its nice and soft and medium sized.

I would fuck tha shit out her sexy ass, and I hope she reads this so she knows all tha hatin ass bitches out there can fuck off, cuz she's FINE


god I would give my life to ejaculate between her breasts

she is beautiful i would kiss her breast and suck on her huge nipples licking her dark bologna size aereoles i would then bend her over and tongue fuck her asshole swallowing every drop of her anal juices i would finish by squirting my seed deep inside her fertile womb

I'd tit fuck her huge tit's and then shoot cum on her face

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